Demolish & Build

If you love the location where you live but feel your current home no longer meets your needs, then demolishing your old home and replacing with a new home in its place is worth considering.

More and more Perth families are choosing to demolish their current home and build their new dream home in its place. Like they say in real estate, location is everything.

Knocking down an existing home sounds expensive and stressful, but you would be surprised to learn that building a brand new home is often less expensive than attempting a potentially complicated renovation.

There are financial benefits to consider when considering the pros and cons of renovating or detonating. When selling your home and buying the new land location there are stamp duties and fees for selling and purchasing a new location.  

A brand new home offers more benefits including better energy-efficient designs for lower power bills, more advanced technology for a ‘smart home’ and better sustainability and insulation reducing yearly household costs.

If you’re looking to demolish and build get in touch and see what we can offer you for the design and construction of your forever home.

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