Our form of construction is 70% less labour intense as a brick and tile constructed home with near to no waste and performs and insulates better!

Due to the intricate design of structural fastening, the internal and external walls are erected quickly and efficiently minimizing delays in construction on site. 

Each external and internal wall is architecturally designed and manufactured prior to site guaranteeing a quality product that is suited to its purpose.


The world we live in today needs a heavier focus on energy and sustainability. 

Our homes incorporate eco-friendly building materials and resources including grey water tanks, solar power, car charging stations, led lighting and much more.

Our vision is for our clients to be able to live off the grid as much as possible reducing emissions to our environment saving the future for the next generation.

The material and method used to construct our homes insulates better than both brick and timber construction options offering better cooling and heating all year round reducing household spending.


Due to the nature of our designs, the use of resources and the construction time required our costs are significantly lower than that of a brick and tile constructed home.

Though brick is considered “strong” using a slightly more flexible material has its advantages. 

Ensuring correct fixation minimizes cracking from foundation movement reducing maintenance costs whilst having the same overall appearance and function as a brick and tile home at a much more affordable price.

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